Date: 08 June, 2016
Location: Shanghai

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DDB China Group will kick off the "Future Bernbachs" 2016 Internship Program, accepting applicants from today until June 24.

"The program is named after our legendary founder, Mr Bill Bernbach, who ignited the creative revolution and changed the world of communications and business forever from the 1960s," says Richard Tan, President & CEO at DDB China Group. "We are looking for 'Future Bernbachs', talented people who have the potential and passion to make a difference in the our industry and society."

The program was initiated at DDB Shanghai in 2013, and the program has since been extended to all of DDB's offices in China in the cities of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai. The aim of the program is to bridge the gap between theory and practical among the undergraduate and future graduates who join the program. The interns will be working under the mentorship and close supervision of senior practitioners, and will have first hand experiences on live project developments.

The DDB internship programme has already proven to be successful: three of the 2013 Future Bernbachs interns from the Beijing office were honored winners of the inaugural 2014 New York Festival Torch Awards. Last year's interns have also gained much exposure and experiences, with strong commendations from the clients they have engaged. Having brought exceptional results in the past, DDB hopes this year's internship will cultivate more talented people who will contribute positively to the communication industry.

Richard Tan, President & CEO of DDB China Group added: "Internship in DDB is nothing that you can be ready for or something you can prepare for. We are looking for idea-centric bright talents with passion to make a difference in this industry. We want to see people who have the courage, passion and lateral thinking skills to be different. We hope this year's young interns will surprise us with their talent, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. I look forward to identifying the nice and talented individuals who could fit our DDB's culture! "

For talents who are interested in this program, based on the city you want to work in, please send your resume to:

For more details about the program, please follow DDB China Group's WeChat account: ddbchina, or DDB China Group's Weibo account: DDB中国

DDB 中国正式启动 2016 Future Bernbachs 实习生计划

DDB 中国宣布,于今日正式启动 2016 年 Future Bernbachs 实习生计划,即日起至 6 月 24 日接受报名。

"我们的实习生计划以 DDB 的传奇创始人比尔伯恩巴克 (Bill Bernbach) 命名,正是他在上世纪 60 年代,点燃了创意革命并颠覆了整个传播行业。" DDB 中国区总裁兼首席执行官陈仲翰说,"我们在寻找的正是未来的伯恩巴克,那些有潜力为整个行业和社会带来改变的人。"

Future Bernbachs 实习生计划最早发布于 2013 年 DDB 上海办公室。如今,它已经被拓展到覆盖北京,上海和广州三地。该计划致力于消除中国大学生们所面临的校园教学和实践应用间的差距。实习生们将会在资深员工亲自带领随时指导,并且将会针对真实的客户简报和需求上拥有一手的工作经验。

DDB 的实习生计划已被证明颇有成效:2013 年北京办公室的三位 Future Bernbachs 斩获了 2014 年首届纽约火炬奖。此外,2015 年的实习生也获得了许多曝光和经验,收到他们所参与项目的客户的强烈好评。有了过去的成功,DDB 也希望今年培育更多的实习生,让他们对广告行业贡献出一份积极的力量。

DDB 中国区总裁兼首席执行官陈仲翰补充说:"在 DDB 实习,不是一件你可以去提前准备的事情。我们在找的是有想法、注重创意的阳光人才,他们需要有激情去为这个行业带来改变。我们欣赏有想法敢于大胆表达,不畏惧展示自己真实个性的年轻人。希望今年的实习生们能用他们的才能,热忱和鲜活的想法给我们一个惊喜。我期望能发现更多友善且有才能的人加入 DDB,融入 DDB 的文化 。"

对 Future Bernbachs  实习生计划有兴趣的年轻人, 基于你申请的实习所在地,请将简历发送至:

如需了解更多详情,请关注 DDB 中国官方微信公众号:ddbchina,或者 DDB 中国官方微博账号:DDB中国

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Date: 06 June, 2016
Location: Shanghai

One of China's best-known locally brewed beers, Tsingtao Draft Beer has commenced its brand re-launch with a television commercial featuring popular Chinese actor, singer and model Huang Xiaoming.

A product of Qingdao in Shandong, Tsingtao Draft Beer is a non-pasteurized lager brewed with pure spring water from China's Laoshan Mountains. The brand's new slogan, 'Refresh your life, be yourself', signifies a coming of age and an edgier attitude for Tsingtao Draft Beer.

"Young Chinese beer drinkers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. They prefer beer brands they can identify with, especially one with an attitude and heritage representative of their social status and lifestyle," said Li Zheng, Executive Creative Director at DDB China Group.

"Much like the Tsingtao brand, which is synonymous with China, Huang Xiaoming is a well-loved, homegrown celebrity which makes him the perfect choice for our brand ambassador," said Wang Kai, General Manager of Brand Management Department, Tsingtao Brewery Co. Ltd.

The television commercial is expected to run throughout the month of June. The re-launch is also supported by outdoors (subway stations), TV Channels (CCTV, Dragon TV, Anhui Satellite TV and Zhejiang Satellite TV) and Online Video Websites(Youku and iQIYI).

Chief Creative Officer: Tim Cheng
Executive Creative Director: Li Zheng
Creative Director: Wang Zongliang
Senior Art Director: Nancy Chen
Art Director: Mickey Wang
Associate Art Director: Kenny Cao
Copywriter: Tina Tang
Associate Account Director: Cotton Li

The Link of TVC:






"年轻的中国啤酒消费者正变得越来越追求品质。他们更喜欢被认同的啤酒品牌,尤其是能代表他们社交状态和生活方式的品牌。"DDB 中国执行创意总监李征说。


这支全新的形象广告将从 6 月 6 日起,至 6 月30 日期间,通过户外媒介,CCTV、东方卫视、安徽卫视、浙江卫视以及在视频门户网站优酷和爱奇艺播出。


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Date: 23 November, 2015
Location: Shanghai

On summer nights air-conditioning can be a problem. Faced with the dilemma - leave it on all night and catch a cold, or turn it off and the unbearable heat keeps you awake. Midea Air-conditioner has the solution with the launch of its new product 'Comfort Star'.

Comfort Star uses newly invented windless technology and1,096 venting baffle sheets to minimise the wind power. This is an air-conditioner with a human touch and its TVC developed by DDB Shanghai is also crafted with a healing approach.

The spot opens with an interesting twist. A young couple and their daughter resort to sleeping under the bed to evade the strong wind from their air-conditioner, until the windless Comfort Star comes to the rescue. Empathising with parents, the TVC closes with a touching scene of the young daughter, who sweetly sleeping lies her foot on her father's face.

Twelve Tang, Vice President of DDB China Group said, "Most advertisements for Chinese domestic appliances emphasise their high technology element. However, no matter how high-tech they are, if they cannot touch consumer's hearts, they are futile and worthless. We believe only storytelling with a human touch can win over the audience."

Su Rong, Marketing Director of Midea Air-conditioner believes Comfort Star is not only a cold machine, but a warm and caring product, He added, "The healing angle that DDB adopted for Comfort Star TVC has disrupted conventional air-conditioner advertising. The video has been a huge success after being released on online media. It proved that the healing approach works for audience and consumers."




Client: Midea

Brand: Midea Air-conditioner


Creative Director: Don Huang, Johnson Zhang

Copywriter: Don Huang, Lola Chen

Art Director: Johnson Zhang, Dylan Huang

Producer: Cherry Wang

Planner: Denise Tang

Account Service: Twelve Tong, Effy Shao



Film Director: Phillippe Locquet

The link of TVC:







美的空调事业部品牌总监苏荣认为,美的空调不只是一台冷冰冰的制冷机器, 而是一款温暖人心的产品。DDB上海为之打造的广告采用治愈风格的营销方式,颠覆了以往的空调推广套路,在互联网媒体投放之后迅速获得非常好的互动反馈,事实证明消费者对这种柔性的推广方式十分认可。


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Date: 19 November, 2015
Location: Shanghai

491845384.jpgDDB Shanghai has launched an advertising campaign for Alibaba's Alipay to promote its safety and international image and to strengthen users' confidence in e-commerce and online transactions.

Over past few years, Alipay has made significant investments in innovation to make its security system seamless. But how to enhance consumers' trust towards the brand?

Instead of solely emphasising its strength in technology and safety, DDB's creative solution evolved from the concept of Alipay's security and human insights. The campaign focuses on the theme 'Safety Leads Curiosity to A Better World', Alipay's mission and the core values of the advertising campaign. 


To deliver the message of the campaign, DDB worked with an international crew made up of Chinese and western cast. The TVC was shot overseas and captures two western adventurers exploring in the wild. The internationally crafted TVC is in alignment with Alipay's ambition to become a global player. 

"DDB's campaign idea resonated well with the client from the word go. The video is now on all the prominent online TV channels. Reviews and impressions are also mounting up on various social media platforms," said Twelve Tang, Vice President of DDB China Group.

The Alipay safety campaign is a milestone for Alibaba at a time when they are expanding into the international market. The TVC is also a successful example of promoting a Chinese local brand on an international level.

1727106910.jpgAdams Fan, Executive Creative Director at DDB Shanghai said, "Topics concerning human nature are magnificent and significant. Talking about safety from a human and philosophical perspective, manifests Alipay's vision and mission, and aligns with DDB's 'People First' culture. It is not just an advert, but the output of social culture and values, something we all share and look up to."

The link of TVC:





近几年来,支付宝在安全保障上投入了大量的人力和物力, 使其在安全性上已经无懈可击, 但如何增强消费者对品牌的安全感呢?支付宝找到 DDB上海团队,希望帮其树立"安全"的品牌形象,树立人们对无纸化和无卡化交易安全感的信心。

DDB 认为与其强调其科技安全系数不如去争取价值观共鸣,用回归人性最根本的洞察增加安全感,提升品牌的思想高度, 赋予"安全"更多的正能量和品牌价值。广告片宣扬"保障安全,让好奇心走得更远"的主题,这正是支付宝的使命所在,也是贯穿本次广告战役的精神内核。


DDB上海执行创意总监范耀威评价到:愈涉及人性本质的命题,愈蕴含宏大的意义。从"人本哲学"的高度来谈论安全,符合支付宝的品牌愿景,也符合DDB的文化价值"People First"。这一次不单单是广告,更是价值输出,人性共鸣。

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From 1 July this year, a new foreign face appeared in the DDB Shanghai office. Although he doesn't speak much Chinese, he attends team meetings with his Tribal Worldwide colleagues, discusses creative design and digital marketing, and is working to develop creative business solutions for Skittles, Hennessy and World of Warcraft. He is Marc Kaufholz, Senior Designer from the DDB Berlin office.

Marc arrived in Shanghai as a DDB exchange employee thanks to the creation of the China Desk, an internal exchange program launched by DDB China Group. With a huge communications network encompassing more than 200 offices in 90+ countries worldwide, the China Desk aims to promote an exchange of creative talent and establish friendships that know no borders.

The conditions are pretty simple. Applicants should be nice, talented, passionate and have been with DDB for over three years. Once the applicant is approved, DDB covers travel expenses, assists with the visa application and arranges a new desk in Shanghai. At the same time, a DDB employee from China will substitute the applicant in his/ her home country.

Having worked at DDB Berlin for over five years now, Marc is excited about being able to work and travel at the same time. "This is a chance everybody dreams about! I love the DDB Shanghai office. It's very spacious and much better decorated than the one in Berlin. Here they have a spacious kitchen, open-air patio and a pool table. We don't have that back in Berlin. DDB also arranged an apartment for me, which is only ten minutes walk from the office, so I don't have problems with commuting. I love Chinese food, especially dumplings, Beijing duck and dim sum. Those are my favorites!"


While Marc enjoys his 'exchange' life in Shanghai, his Chinese counterpart, Wu Jing, Associate Creative Director from the DDB Shanghai office, is getting a taste of German culture over at the DDB Berlin office. Over the exchange period, Wu Jing will learn more about the German market and branding strategies, and will also have a chance to exchange knowledge and the latest "know-how" with his German colleagues.

Because of our core values of humanity and creativity, it is DDB's commitment to provide employees with valuable and eye-opening experiences. Marc Kaufholz and Wu Jing are two DDB ambassadors who proudly carry the mission of cultural exchange and knowledge sharing between DDB offices. Do you want to be the next one?
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Date: July 6, 2015

At the beginning of July, DDB China Group has officially kicked off Future Bernbachs Internship at Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou offices. For the next three months interns will join DDB Creative, Planning and Account teams, and work live projects. The internship at DDB is an entrance ticket to the industry and only the best will be offered full-time jobs.

Future Bernbachs is not a typical internship one can imagine. It is designed to bridge the gap between academic theories and hands-on practice, helping young talents to unleash their potential. Interns will work in teams, tackle different problems and participate in co-creation. They will have weekly "Sparks" sessions where they will listen to DDB veterans sharing their knowledge. All interns will be actively involved in agency's routine development. 

The Internship Program at DDB is named after its legendary founder Bill Bernbach, who strongly believed creativity is the most powerful force in business and fueled the Creative Revolution since 1960's. His low-key campaigns infused with cheeky, self-deprecating humor shaped the hardcore of modern advertising. Under his creative leadership and working philosophy, DDB grew into a giant in the advertising industry. Today DDB's business model and corporate culture still reflects Bernbach's philosophy on humanity and creativity. 


Joe is a young boy from Wuhan, Hubei Province, now enrolled as an intern at DDB Shanghai office.  "When I came to DDB office for the interview, I realized that I want to be a part of this organization. The office is very cozy and the atmosphere is upbeat. But what really impressed me is the people here," says Joe, "People here are respectable talents in the advertising industry, and also with great personality. I am very proud to be here because I know this opportunity is given to just a few."

"Our interns should get ready for the toughest three months in forthcoming weeks. We will get them out of their comfort zone. They will learn how to break through boundaries and think out of the box," says Jimmy Lam, Vice Chairman & Chief Creative Officer of DDB China Group, who was the one initiated the program in China, "Future Bernbachs is like a fresh injection for the whole agency, and very soon we will come up with sparks and ideas, brainstorm on heated topics - we are all very excited."

Since 2013, DDB launches Future Bernbachs internship program every year, to celebrate Bill Bernbach's legacy and pay respect to one of the giants in the advertising world. More importantly, this is how DDB showcases its commitment and efforts in educating Chinese young talents through knowledge sharing and best practice. 


DDB中国正式迎来Future Bernbachs实习生

日期: 2015年7月6日

这周,DDB中国正式迎来了2015年Future Bernbachs项目的实习生。这是DDB北京、上海和广州办公室第一次同时启动该项目。在未来的三个月中,这些来自国内外高校的大学生们将在DDB的不同部门实习,了解和体验DDB的创意精神及企业文化。

Future Bernbachs实习生计划不是一般意义上的大学生实习。实习生们在DDB将学习到校园理论以外的广告知识,学会团队合作,用创新的方式思考问题,解决问题,激发和释放出自己的潜能。公司每周会安排资深的员工与学生们分享广告领域的专知,让学生们理论联系实践,对广告行业有更加深刻全面的认识。

Future Bernbachs实习生计划是以DDB创始人之一Bill Bernbach的名字命名。作为广告界的传奇人物,Bernbach在上个世纪的60年代发起的广告业革命为现代广告奠定了坚实的基础。他深信创意是推动商业发展的力量,广泛地在广告中运用他的招牌式的自嘲与幽默,今天在DDB的广告创意和业务模式中仍可见这个广告狂人智慧的光芒。


"我们的实习生们在接下来的三个月里会面对很多挑战,我们会让他们跳出传统的思维,冲破界限,激发他们的创意," DDB中国首席创意官林俊明是 Future Bernbachs项目在中国的发起人之一, 他对这些实习生们充满期望,"创意以人为核心是DDB一直所坚持和主张的理念,希望通过这个项目能激发更多年轻人的创意潜能,发现和挖掘更多未来的'Bernbach' 。"

DDB的Future Bernbachs实习生计划从2013年开始举办,每年一批未来希望投身创意行业的年轻人来到DDB,在这里点燃心中的梦想和激情,将创意转化为改变世界的动力。通过这个计划,DDB将公司在广告业多年的成功经验传授给中国热爱广告事业的年轻人,履行了其关注教育关注社会的责任和信念。

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Date:      July 21st , 2015
Location:      Beijing

DDB China Group announces the appointment of Mr. Ng Tian It as its new Chief Creative Officer for the Beijing office. As a new CCO, Tian It will direct the company's creative output. 

"How can one resist when three true gentlemen in our business - Richard, Jimmy and Bernbach came calling? It was really hard to say no. DDB is known for attracting people with big ideas and those, who think out of the box and I am thrilled to be a part of such dynamic team." says Tian It. "In the transformation age, when human values are sometimes neglected, I'm proud to support DDB's core values of creativity and humanity."

tianit_potrait.jpg high res.jpg

DDB has seen a rapid growth in Mainland China in recent years and continues to build a solid creative base, winning the title of the Best in Asia and China at the 2014 Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia, receiving multiple international and domestic awards. Having over 16 years of experience behind his shoulders, Ng Tian It is expected to bring the company's profile to a higher level making DDB Guoan a major advertising agency in the market. 

"Tian It has always been one of those creative minds I wanted to recruit. We have been friends for years, so I am glad he finally joins DDB's team." says Jimmy Lam, Chief Creative Officer at DDB China Group. "Tian It is a proven leader with hard-core marketing values, and I have no doubts he will be the one to find fresh compelling insights and solutions. We believe he will be the one to strengthen DDB Guoan's creative standard."

"Being a long time admirer of the network's creative nous, I certainly look forward to having the magic dust rubbed off on me and spurred me on to better things." says Tian It. "I am planning to put DDB Guoan on the map and make it the company in which clients trust and people would die to join."

Having graduated from the Otis/Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration in 1990, Tian It returns to Singapore and works in numerous well-known agencies. In 2007, he comes to China to join Lowe Worldwide Shanghai before becoming the Executive Creative Director at BBDO Beijing branch. 

Tian It is known for revival of ailing agencies like McCann Erickson and Batey in Singapore, and landing BBDO Greater China's first historic Cannes Lion among others. Ng Tian It worked with such world brands as McDonald's, Unilever, Toyota, Panasonic, Heineken, Shell and Nokia. He is strongly praised throughout the sector for his performance: in 1996 Tian It became the Best New Art Director at the Singapore Creative Circle Awards and since then, he has over 300 awards to his name.



日期: 2015年7 月21  日
地点: 北京

日前,DDB中国宣布任命黄田壹(Ng Tian It)为国安DDB首席创意官。黄田壹将全面掌管DDB集团在北京的创意事务,致力于提升DDB北京办公室的创意实力和业界地位。

"DDB的创始人之一Bernbach是广告界的传奇人物,DDB今天的广告创意和业务模式传承发扬了他的理念和精神。 对于一个广告人来说,能够到DDB工作是一个终极的梦想。所以当DDB中国的两位掌门人Richard和Jimmy对我发出召唤时,我实在无法拒绝,"黄田壹说道,"我对DDB广告的创意理念向往已久,现在我可以亲身感受他们如魔法般的创意力量,在那里我可以全身心地贡献我的激情和灵感。"


 "我和田壹相识多年,他一直是我希望能够合作的创意人才。不单单是因为他出色的创意表现和领导能力,更因为他的人格魅力完全符合DDB对于创造力和人性的坚持和信念,"DDB中国首席创意官林俊明(Jimmy Lam)说,"作为北京办公室的首席创意官,田壹的任务是激发并推动活力四射的创意的产生,这种热情可以为客户制作出更富有创造力的的广告,对DDB来说也是对员工的一种鼓舞和激励。" 



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Tsingtao beer is the number one beer in Mainland China. This year DDB China Group created a new brand campaign called "Better Together" as a part of Tsingtao Cheers Bar event. "Bottoms-up Bottles" were introduced at the launch of the event and immediately became the hottest collectable item for beer lovers in China.

Several marketing surveys reveal that when Chinese people drink, they like to go "GAN BEI!" which literally means "Bottoms Up!"; however, the traditional beer bottle's neck is too thin, hole is too small and beer comes out too slow, so it is difficult to really go "Bottoms Up". DDB Group Shanghai came up with the innovative idea - to turn the beer bottle upside down. That is how the world's first "Bottoms-up Bottle" was created.

Tim Cheng, Chief Creative Officer of DDB Group Shanghai commented, "Who says the beer bottle has to be with a narrow neck and a small rim? With Tsingtao, we have turned people's traditional impression of bottle beers upside-down, literally."

The new Tsingtao beer bottle has a big rim and a wide neck. It is created to encourage people to celebrate with friends drinking their favourite beer. So now when they cheer, they can always go "GAM BEI"!

Check out the video link: 


青岛啤酒是中国大陆首屈一指的啤酒品牌。今年,DDB中国为其打造的一个全新品牌传播战役"畅享欢聚时刻",已经成为青岛啤酒欢聚吧活动的重点。伴随着欢聚吧活动的启动,"干杯瓶"(Bottoms-up Bottles)也随之亮相,并迅速成为中国啤酒爱好者的热门收藏品。





Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer : Richard Tan 陈仲翰
Vice-Chairman : Jimmy Lam林俊明 
Chief Creative Officer/ Creative Director/ Copywriter : Tim Cheng 郑天宇
Managing Director : Ng Jit Hoong伍一菘
Business Director: Jason Wu 吴世杰
Creative Director/ Copywriter: Li Zheng 李征
Creative Director/ Art Director : Wang Zongliang 王宗亮
Copywriter: Shu Teoh 张淑文
Art Director: Nancy Chen 陈斐
Art Director: Jacky Jiang 姜霞飞
Designer: Mickey Wang王晓明
Designer: Yu Yunhao  虞云皓
Producer : Ivan Zee徐家荣
Producer : Cherry Wang 汪士晨
Production: Chen Shaobai 陈少白

Production company: 

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Date: 12 June 2015 

Location: Shanghai

Volkswagen Brand China and DDB China Group have created a pilot program aimed to help school children in China to have cleaner air in their classrooms. The "Clean Air In A Box" initiative was launched to educate school students about air quality, and to help them make their own low-cost air purifiers out of a small electric fan, a carton box and a genuine Volkswagen cabin air filter. 

Hazardous air pollution levels in China can cause major respiratory diseases. While some people are buying expensive air purifiers, others simply cannot afford them. Volkswagen, committed to reduce carbon emissions through its technology, together with DDB travelled to schools to teach students about how to reduce air pollution and also provide them with DIY kits to demonstrate how they can build affordable air purifiers for their classrooms.

"A lot of people think an air purifier is a luxury," says Tim Cheng, Chief Creative Officer, "but we want to prove the opposite. You see, every car has a cabin filter, which is very similar to those in air purifiers. Our DIY kits showed kids if they attach the VW filter to the fan in the carton box frame, they would get a real air purifier -- similar to those sold in shops. And more importantly they are breathing cleaner air in classrooms everyday."

Volkswagen will continue to roll out the "Clean Air In A Box" initiative to schools across China. 

View the work  


Chief Executive Officer : Richard Tan

Vice-Chairman : Jimmy Lam

Chief Creative Officer/ Creative Director/ Copywriter : Tim Cheng

Managing Director : Ng Jit Hoong 

Creative Director/ Art Director: Steven Cheng 

Copywriter:  Shu Teoh

Art Director: Johnson Zhang

Producer: Ivan Zee  

Producer: Cherry Wang

Production: Chen Shaobai  

Narrator: Mimi Cheng

Production Company:


Director: Nelson Cho


DDB中国2015戛纳参赛作品: 清新空气小盒子

大众汽车中国在今年发起了一个试点项目,旨在让中国学校的孩子们在教室里呼吸到更清新的空气。"清新空气小盒子(Clean Air In A Box)" 传播活动因此启动,通过提倡学生们关于空气质量, 指导他们如何通过一个小电风扇,一个纸盒和一个大众车载过滤器来制作出一台他们自己的、低成本的空气净化器。


 "很多人认为空气净化器是种奢侈品,"DDB集团上海首席创意官郑天宇说,"我们要证明给大家看,这是个错误的观念。你知道,每辆车都有车载过滤器,它和空气净化器的工作原理非常相似。我们通过DIY的方式给孩子们做了现场演示,教他们将大众汽车过滤器装在纸盒包装的风扇上,这样他们就能得到 一台真的空气净化器 - 几乎和店里卖的一模一样。更重要的是,从此他们在教室里呼吸到的空气会比以前更加干净和清新。"

大众汽车将继续在中国各个学校推广"清新空气小盒子" (Clean Air in a Box)活动。



Chief Executive Officer :陈仲翰

Vice-Chairman : Jimmy Lam林俊明

Chief Creative Officer/ Creative Director/ Copywriter : 郑天宇

Managing Director :伍一菘

Creative Director/ Art Director: 郑国康

Copywriter: 张淑文

Art Director: 张淳

Producer: 徐家荣

Producer: 汪士晨   

Production: 陈少白

Narrator: Mimi Cheng


Production Company: 心生活

Director: 卓兴国

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Date:      June 9th, 2015
Location:      Shanghai

Award-winning digital agency Tribal Worldwide Shanghai released a new viral video titled "Does Your Kid Deserve 10 Marks?" The video received lively reception from the public, triggered heated discussions on social media and generated a record-breaking "10,000" likes in just an hour after the launch. Viral video features real Chinese moms and their kids. It also highlights a tendency among Chinese moms to rate their children too low and always leave room for the improvement. The video campaign aims to remind Chinese mothers that every kid deserves "10 marks" recognition. 


"Chinese moms are very proud of their kids, but they are sometimes critical when evaluating them," says Manoj Namboodiri, Business Development and Marketing Director, China Brands at Fonterra. "We wanted moms to praise their children more often, since every child deserves to be treated as a champion and get 10 marks. This campaign demonstrates our values as a brand and a greater value we provide in delivering premium quality milk to every Chinese family."

Anchor TVC "All Kids Deserve 10 Marks" with English subtitles:

The video campaign is launched to support the promotion of Anchor Kid's Milk in Mainland China. Producing premium quality milk for children naturally sweetened and free from additives, Anchor targets Chinese mothers who are looking for top-quality dairy for their families. 

Tribal Worldwide Shanghai is the creative agency behind the extensive integrated campaign. "Does Your Child Deserve 10 Marks?" video features Chinese moms who rank their kids by giving them "8" or even lower "7" marks. As the video unfolds, children are called upon to rank their moms on the same scale. Surprisingly to viewers, kids give their moms maximum scores. The video culminates at the moment when moms understand how much they undervalue their children, reinforcing Anchor's message that "every kid deserves 10 marks". 
In just few weeks on Youku, Weibo, WeChat, Tudou and other social platforms video "Does Your Kid Deserve 10 Marks?" gathered more than 40 million views. Millions of Chinese moms commented, thousands shared with friends. "If I was to rate my girl, I would give her 8. She is smart and pretty, but not perfect - shy and quiet sometimes," says Fiona Zhou, one of the moms. "When I asked her to rate baby gave me 10 marks. It brought tears to my eyes. Suddenly I felt guilty and ashamed. I think I should stop being that harsh on her."

Tribal Worldwide's campaign for Anchor became widely discussed by moms all over China making them realize that children deserve maximum appreciation.

"We hope Chinese moms will start praising their kids more and give them more encouragement. I believe we all need it sometimes - just to hear from your mom that you are the best," says Emen Chong, General Manager at Tribal Worldwide Shanghai. "With this video we made many Chinese moms remember one thing - their kid is just a kid. We truly believe we can touch hearts of moms all over China and bring more happiness to every family."

"Does Your Child Deserve 10 Marks?" digital campaign is a part of a bigger integrated campaign run by Anchor. Earlier this year Anchor introduced "10 Marks Kid's Milk" with 30-seconds TVC to a Chinese audience. 


Client:        Fonterra China
Brand:        Anchor 
Agency:     Tribal Worldwide Shanghai

Managing Director: JitHoong Ng
Chief Creative Officer: Tim Cheng
Creative Director: Zheng Li; Tony Hua; Bely Xu
Copywriter: Bely Xu; Zheng Li
Art Director: Xiaohui Li; Messi Mei; Tony Hua; Tim Cheng
Producer: Cherry Wang
Planner: Denise Tang; Jie Lu
Account Service: Mirabelle Ng; Jack Yu; Mika Zhang; Emma Du; Severine Liu; Johnson Lai

Film Director: Zero Lin


Tribal Worldwide上海出品:10分的爱,给10分的你

日期:      2015年6月11日
地点:      上海


最近,一支名为"你的孩子,值得10分"的病毒视频在各大社交媒体中传播开来,不仅感动了许多观众,更激起了许多讨论 。


这条充满人性洞察的短片出自于Tribal Worldwide上海,通过纪录片的呈现方式提醒各位父母,你的孩子,值得十分的肯定。紧扣着今年四月安佳进口儿童牛奶品牌上线时电视广告里提出的"10分"主题----你的孩子,值得10分品质的安佳牛奶;再借助母亲节和儿童节的热潮, 推出"你的孩子,值得10分" 的网络短片。

"经过许多调查我们发现,在中国,父母对孩子的期待很高,要求有时也很严苛 。他们很爱自己的孩子,但是却很少会给到孩子一个满分的评价。"Tribal Worldwide上海总经理张怡敏说道。"我们希望通过这条短片,提醒妈妈们,在你为孩子提供十分的营养和照顾时,也记得你的孩子值得十分的肯定和鼓励。"

安佳进口儿童牛奶于今年4月登陆中国。随着对其产品"新西兰原装进口" 、"不添加额外蔗糖"、 "维生素D+钙和益生元"等产品特点的宣传,安佳在品质上赢得众多中国妈妈们的信任。此次的网络视频,更进一步从情感上激起了中国妈妈们的共鸣,引起了他们和品牌的互动。 

"中国妈妈们非常为自己的孩子骄傲,但是当评价孩子的时候却往往显的比较苛刻。" 恒天然中国品牌业务发展和市场总监Manoj Namboodiri说: "我们想让妈妈能够更多的夸奖她们的孩子,因为每个孩子都是值得被当成冠军对待,都值得一个十分的肯定。作为一个为中国家庭提供高品质儿童牛奶的品牌,这次的活动不仅展示了我们本身的产品价值,更加证明了恒天然品牌中所蕴藏的更深刻更宽广的人性价值。 "


广告主:        恒天然中国
广告品牌:    安佳
创意代理:     Tribal Worldwide 上海

董事总经理: 伍一菘
首席创意官: 郑天宇
创意总监:    李征; 华栋超; 徐鸣
文案:           徐鸣; 李征
美术指导: 李晓辉; 梅逸俊; 华栋超; 郑天宇
制片:           汪士晨
策划:        唐炜黎; 陆洁
客户服务:   吴文念; 俞晹; 张清逸; 杜娟; 刘冬琳; 赖金生

导演:          Zero Lin

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