DDB Group Hong Kong launches large-scale campaign for TSL after competitive pitch

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Date 29 November 2012     
Location Hong Kong  

Tse Sui Luen Jewellery (TSL) is revitalising its brand with a large-scale, through-the-line campaign. 

The campaign illustrates the common ground between the persistent nature of love and TSL's core brand value of dedication to exquisite craftsmanship, innovative designs and quality of service.

DDB Group Hong Kong was appointed as TSL's creative partner after presenting a pitch-winning idea in August this year. The campaign marks the first major advertising push for the brand in over ten years.

The progressive campaign includes teaser ads running on TVB Jade, in print and online, in the lead up to the launch of an epic three-minute and 30-second TVC on TVB Jade on 28 November. Shorter versions of the TVC air on TVB zhubao Jade, Pearl, NOW TV and cable. The campaign also spans selected digital, outdoor and in-store display in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Simone Tam, President and CEO of DDB Group Hong Kong and Guangzhou said, "To win the business of such an ambitious Hong Kong-grown brand is a privilege. While many brands are jumping on the band wagon of running mini movies online, we evolutionised TSL's large-scale campaign and actually released it on air."

The campaign's tagline 'to love is to persevere' is brought to life through the love story of a young couple. One day, the heroine of the story, Janice, has a life-changing car crash that sees her thrown from her vehicle, leaving her with a hearing impairment. Devastated, she withdraws from life, shunning calls from her boyfriend - a talented pianist. She is brokenhearted that she will never hear his music again and feels that she has lost the connection she had with him forever. 

Until one day he turns up at her door.

Refusing to give up on her, Lee has learnt sign language and has composed an emotionally-charged piano symphony with a heavy bass and vibration that builds a bridge between the two lovers. The TVC closes with Lee presenting Janice with an exquisite TSL diamond ring in a romantic marriage proposal. 

Lambert Chan, Chief Operation Officer for TSL said, "DDB Group Hong Kong's focused thinking, understanding of our brand and our consumers is astounding. They took their pitch-winning idea and produced a long-term positioning that creatively and beautifully illustrates TSL as 'the artisan of love.'"

Watch the five-minute version here

Watch the three-minute and 30 seconds version here:

Campaign name: TSL Brand Campaign
Agency: DDB Group Hong Kong
Client: Tse Sui Luen Jewellery 
Creative: Jeffry Gamble, Asawin Phanich, Nateepat Jaturonrasmi, Francis Chung, Chika Tsang 
Account Servicing: Alexis Chiu, Jan Lee, Peony Mak
TV Production: Annie Tong, Vincent Wong 
Production House: Stink Shanghai 
Media Agency: OMD

About TSL
Established in the 1960s in Hong Kong, TSL is principally engaged in jewellery retailing, export and manufacturing. The brand is best known for its exquisite craftsmanship and trendy designs.  TSL Jewellery has grown to more than 200 prestigious boutiques across the Asia Pacific region, with stores in locations including Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

DDB香港赢得比稿,为TSL | 谢瑞麟打造全新一辑品牌形象广告片

时间   2012年11月29日
地点   香 港

日前,时尚珠宝品牌TSL | 谢瑞麟全新品牌形象揭幕,大范围全线推出新一辑感动人心的广告短片。

对珠宝质量、工艺、设计及服务的坚持是TSL | 谢瑞麟品牌的核心价值。TSL | 谢瑞麟深信坚持用心经营成就爱,广告片完美地阐释了TSL | 谢瑞麟珠宝中所蕴含的爱的永恒真谛。

在今年八月赢得比稿后,DDB香港被任命为TSL | 謝瑞麟的创意合作伙伴。此次的广告活动是TSL | 謝瑞麟十余年来首次大型广告宣传活动。

本次广告活动分阶段推出,预告片首先会在TVB翡翠台播出,同时辅以平面海报及线上宣传,从而为11月28日于翡翠台上映的品牌广告片造势。该广告片时长3分半钟,其浓缩版本亦将随后于TVB 翡翠台、明珠台、NOW TV电视台和有线电视播出。此外,整个宣传方案在大陆和香港精选的数字平台、户外媒体和店铺内也都将陆续上线。

DDB集团香港及广州的总裁兼CEO谭靖桥(Simone Tam)表示:"能够赢得这样一个有雄心、有远见的香港本土客户,我们深感荣幸。现在许多品牌纷纷发布微电影来吸引受众,我们的做法别具一格,把这次的大规模广告实打实地通过电视发布给观众。"



Lee 不但没有就此放弃Janice,反而他去学习手语,创作了一支情感洋溢感动人心的钢琴交响乐。乐曲中深沉的重低音和急速的波动,将两颗相爱的心连在了一起。广告最后,Lee拿出一支精美的谢瑞麟钻戒向Janice求婚。

TSL | 谢瑞麟首席运营官陈立业表示:"DDB香港对我们的品牌和消费者的思考和理解之精准令人叫绝。他们用从比稿中胜出的创意为我们打造了一个长期的品牌定位,别出心裁地将TSL | 谢瑞麟描述为'the artisan of love',浪漫唯美。"



Agency: DDB Group Hong Kong (DDB香港)
Client: TSL | 谢瑞麟
Creative: Jeffry Gamble, Asawin Phanich, Nateepat Jaturonrasmi, Francis Chung 鍾貫熹, Chika Tsang 曾穎姿
Account Servicing: Alexis Chiu 招廸强, Jan Lee 李佩婷, Peony Mak 麥芷凌
TV Production: Annie Tong 湯寶玲, Vincent Wong 黃俊然
Production House: Stink Shanghai 玩味广告(上海)有限公司
Media Agency: OMD

关于TSL | 谢瑞麟
TSL | 谢瑞麟自创立超过50年以来,一直用心经营,对珠宝质量、工艺、设计及服务的坚持是品牌的核心价值,并为传统珠宝业界带来更多创意元素。而品牌深厚的服务文化一向广获市场认可,屡获香港零售管理协会颁发优质服务大奖,足以证明品牌在市场上举足轻重的地位。TSL | 谢瑞麟现已在亚太地区拥有超过200家专卖店,遍布香港,澳门,深圳,广州,上海,北京,吉隆坡和槟城等地。

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